The AGI Program

The program consists of two parts:

  1. Risk management, to prevent things going wrong
  2. Insurance policies, for when things do go wrong

Victor has a keen awareness of the need for golf clubs to reduce their risk exposures as much as possible. Taking action to reduce the chance of things going wrong and the severity if they do, ultimately reduces claims. This helps to maintain a stable, sustainable insurance program for the golf club industry. Interested in getting a quote? Your club’s contact point with Victor Insurance is via your club’s insurance broker. Contact your broker and ask them to source an AGI quote.

“GMA is delighted to partner with Victor as the leading insurance agency providing expertise and assistance for golf clubs and facilities, reducing their risk exposures and stabilising their insurance.”

— Paul Vardy CEO GMA

“Supported by Victor Insurance, we are proud to offer golf clubs across Australia an insurance solution designed for the unique risks of our industry. AGI provides a stable, quality option for all clubs to safeguard their business, assets and volunteers. Distributed exclusively by Victor Insurance, AGI is backed by Zurich, one of the leading supporters of golf worldwide.”

— Andrew Newbold Chairman Golf Australia

Victor Insurance Tips

We see all the claims made by golf clubs, so we know exactly what your risk exposures are. We have used this knowledge to produce a simple chart with tips to help all golf clubs address the most common areas that lead to claims.

Formal Risk Management Programs

There are commercial operations that specialise in offering formal risk management programs for golf clubs. Victor highly recommends clubs to engage with such an operator. Ask Golf Australia or Golf Management Australia for their recommendations.

Zurich Risk Guides

Our partners at Zurich Australia have used their global experience with golf to write detailed guides to assist clubs reduce risk. Open each guide below:

Risk Surveys

Zurich Resilience Solutions (ZRS) are risk engineer specialists. They are available to conduct a full risk assessment of your golf club, including the use of drone thermal technology to assess tree health. Full risk assessments provide your club with a detailed report of the risk exposures unique to your club. This is a fee for service offering. Please ask your broker to enquire with us about a quote.

For a copy of the chart ask either Golf Management Australia or your Golf Australia representative.

Australian Golf Insurance (AGI) – Program Highlights

Victor has designed the AGI program to be a one-stop shop for golf club insurance.

  • Carrier partner: Zurich Australia, rated A+ by Standard & Poors

The AGI combined insurance package includes 3 core policies. Note these policies cannot be sold separately.

  • Industrial Special Risks (ISR): can help protect club assets, the clubhouse, contents, equipment and golf course. It can also help protect the income earned from these assets in the event of loss or damage.
  • Club Liability: offers liability cover for the club and the club’s directors, volunteers and employees against allegations of wrongdoing.
  • Voluntary Workers: basic insurance cover for club volunteers if they are injured while performing volunteer work for the club, from board directors, to those who help prune the roses.

Optional Coverage for Insured Clubs

Members Golf Suite: an additional policy with the option to select from six coverage modules designed to help protect individual club members and their personal golf equipment.

AGI Equipment Share Program

Clubs insured with AGI are entitled to access the AGI Equipment Share Program. If vital equipment is damaged beyond use from an insured event, it takes time to have a claim processed, and replacement equipment sourced, ordered, purchased, and delivered. This could be time that your staff don’t have, especially if damage has occurred to green keeping equipment. The AGI Equipment Share Program allows insured clubs to source equipment from a nearby club that can be hired on a temporary basis and delivered much faster.

It’s a unique part of the AGI program that fosters business continuity, and helps clubs maintain their operations, minimising further damage and inconvenience to club members.

To ensure your clubs insurance is in the best hands, ask your clubs insurance broker to get an Australian Golf Insurance (AGI) quote from Victor Insurance.

Insurance is underwritten by Zurich Australian Insurance Limited ABN 13 000 296 640, AFS Licence No. 232507.

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